Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Nutrition and Blogging Collide

Currently, I am wrapping up the last week of my information technology rotation at the USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center. In the past five weeks, I spent much of my time managing online content, learning the mechanics behind databases, and referencing consumer questions. I must add that my knowledge and understanding of social media outlets reached new heights during this rotation. I can officially say that I am a bona fide tweeter, blogger, and on the verge of hosting an e-Portfolio! However, today I want to tackle the topic of blogging and why there are over 156 million people running their own blog sites.

If blogging is new to you, you are probably wondering what it is and what's the big fuss about? Good news--you are not alone! This will be my first published blog, and I'm here to give you the 411. Let's begin with the terminology. The word "blog" comes from the combination of two words, web and log. It simply implies the act of sharing one's thoughts and opinions with a virtual audience. While most blogs contain primarily text, there are an array of different types of blogs such as podcasts, which offer audio content or microblogs, such as Twitter that offers much less content . When I entered the realm of the blogosphere, I discovered things got a little more hairy. The blogosphere is a community of blogs connected by a particular topic and comments or blogrolls. Lastly, a blogroll refers to a list of favorite blogs that may be recommended by the host blogger.

So, what happens when nutrition and blogging collide? There are just as many perks for the reader as there are for the blogger. See why below:

Top Five Reasons to Follow Nutrition Blogs:
  • Provides a great resource for current events
  • Translates complex nutrition jargon into consumer lingo
  • Offers creative recipe ideas
  • Transforms readers into savvy consumers of nutrition info and products
  • Makes for fun reading!
Top Five Incentives to Blog about Nutrition:
  • Allows the dietitian to connect with a broader audience
  • Creates a two-way conversation between the blogger and readers
  • Provides the blogger with opportunities to review new products and get paid to do it
  • Enhances the blogger's professional presence
  • Costs nothing and easy to do daily! 

Hopefully, you are now in-the-know about nutrition blogs and can decide for yourself who you want to follow. I've included a few from my blogroll that you might enjoy!

Dietitian on the Run

Food Insight

Write: Nutrition

Food Politics

She is Becoming Doughmesstic

Look for my web site in the future: Hogan Knows Food


  1. Thanks for including DOTR on your list, Lauren! Hope to see your site up soon!

  2. Love the post, great incentives! & thank you for including write nutrition!

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