Wednesday, October 19, 2011

“Home is not where you live but it is where they understand you”

I have to admit, I was so animated to start my food service rotation at Riderwood. Since Cooking and creating new recipes are what I enjoy, a company like Riderwood is the best place to practice what I already knew and learn new skills.

At first I said to myself a retirement home? Why Riderwood? Well after I have been in each village and seeing the residents how well they have been treated by the Riderwood employees, I believe home is not just where you live but where people understand you. Leaving your house behind and moving to a new place is overwhelming and unimaginable to the most of us. Looking for retirement home is a devastating task. Where do you begin? How would you choice the best one? I understand why anyone would choice Riderwood as their future home. There are different activities such as wellness program, clubhouse, music, pottery, which the residents love and enjoy doing. In addition to these, in house services like salon, bank and gift shop are available for the residents. I was amazed when I heard from some of the residents how they enjoy their stay at Riderwood. Most of the residents have been there more than 10yrs. The residents also said that the love and the care they get make them feel like they are at home. After hearing these and seeing, I even said to myself, “I want to move in right now!!”

These Riderwood employees are not only compassionate to the residents but also to the interns. From the six weeks of experience at Riderwood, planning a theme meal for the residents was the most challenging and fun part of all. I was able to prepare meal in a mass quantity. The kitchen staffs were never hesitated to teach or give me some tips for preparing various dishes. Indeed I learned a lot more than I expected. I had the opportunities to be exposed to new challenges and learned new strengths which helped me to insight about myself. I was able to connect with employees of various educational, cultural and social backgrounds. They welcomed me into their workplace and treated me like one of them the entire time I was there.

Now I understand how I can share my knowledge in a place like Riderwood once I become an RD.

By Betanya

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  1. Riderwood is a great place and I would love to move in their now - but you must be 65 and can't bring children