Monday, March 19, 2012

From Floppy to Cloud

Does anyone remember the days of the floppy disk? Now I know I wasn’t using computers when floppy disks were actually floppy, but I do remember having to carry around that little rectangle wherever I went if I wanted to print anything at school. Then as the years went on, we all started emailing ourselves documents that needed printing. I even remember the first time my dad bought me a 560 MB flashdrive and I couldn’t believe that a tiny thing like that could do what it did. Now, as technology seems to be surpassing itself, a relatively new type of storage is emerging: cloud storage.
Cloud storage allows you to upload all of your documents onto an internet host that can be accessed from any computer. Zoho and Dropbox are just two of many cloud storage centers that anyone can use, free of cost. We as dietetic interns are always working on multiple projects at a time, not only by ourselves, but with each other. Being able to upload, share, and modify documents on the internet allows for ease of access and collaboration from all parties. While floppy disks are well in our past, who knows – maybe flashdrives will be too!


  1. Yup remember but it,s a to much old way to transfer data. Now time to use flash drive simply and great way to transfer data.
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  2. Actually before this style floppy discs there were even larger ones - that held even less data. As time has progressed - it is amazing how much data can be saved and how we are making use of all possible ways to do it.