Monday, November 5, 2012

It’s Easy to be Green at College Park Dining

A few weeks ago my partner and I finished our rotation at the University of Maryland Dining Services.  While experiencing the world of College Dining, I was surprised by all the sustainability efforts the University of Maryland was implementing.  
Currently at Dining Services  . . .

-          Rooftop gardens inhabit the roofs of the dining halls.  The picture on the right is the newest student led rooftop garden. On the roof, students grow anything from basil and thyme to corn and peppers.

-          Reduce and Reuse
o   For the past few years, the University has offered both compostable and reusable carry-out containers. 

o   Each Dining Hall has a composting system in place and in 2010, Dining Services composted 20 tons of food waste and paper products.

-          The Farmer’s Market!
o   While on campus, we were fortunate enough to experience Dining Service’s Food Day celebrations at the local Farmer’s Market. 

-       The recently renovated Dining Hall North 251 was awarded the LEED Silver certification because of the building’s energy conserving measures. 

Shopping at the Farmer's Market.

My experience at Dining Services proved to me that large scale food institutions can institute energy savings and sustainable options without breaking the bank.  I encourage other food service institutions to adopt sustainable practices and for individuals to think about their carbon footprint.   

To learn more visit: or calculate your carbon footprint at

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  1. What a wonderful review of campus dining efforts to go green