Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Interns in Annapolis

This past Tuesday, our internship class had the privilege of visiting Annapolis, Maryland’s state capital.  Our day began with an introductory video to the city of Annapolis and a brief refresher on the legislative process (i.e. law making). In the Department of Legislative Services BeFunky_IMAG0455.jpgBuilding we were directed to the Bill Room where bills are printed, assembled and distributed. We learned that each year the Maryland General Assembly acts on around 2,500 bills and approximately 800-900 of those bills make it to law. After the Bill Room, we were escorted to the Maryland State House where we toured historic rooms and chambers dating as far back as 1772. We learned that the Maryland State House is the oldest state capitol in continuous legislative use today. It also served as the nation’s capital for a brief period from 1783 to BeFunky_IMAG0459.jpg1784. In the State House we viewed legislative sessions in the Senate and in the House of Delegates Galleries.  Each year members of the General Assembly gather over a period of 90 days to act on the bills through a series of hearings, readings, debates and voting. After this extensive process, the bills must be presented to the Governor who has the right to veto.

Visiting Maryland’s State Capital was a great way to review the legislative process and actually see it in action. We sat in on a committee hearing and heard testimonies from community members in support and in opposition of bills. We also met with Maryland State Senator Jim Brochin. After this experience I felt more comfortable with the legislative process and even more confident in contacting my state senator.


2013 Intern class with Senator Jim Brochin

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  1. Great description of the legislative day in Annapolis! Now that you understand the process - you each must stand up and BE HEARD!