Monday, May 13, 2013

A Look Into the Future

During our first week at Riderwood, we had the opportunity to experience a theme meal unfold and come to life.  Jennifer and Melissa decided to do a baseball theme, where their menu highlighted typical baseball stadium fare from around the country.  An example of menu items included soft pretzels, chili cheese dogs, sloppy joe’s and salmon sliders.  It was a great menu and the food was delicious. 

We were scheduled to help Jennifer and Melissa on Thursday and Friday in the kitchen, which was helpful for us as we began to think about our theme meal.  Below are a few things we’ll be keeping in mind as we plan our meal:

1.       Know your recipes inside and out!  It can be fun to choose recipes that are unique, but realized how important it is to thoroughly read the entire recipe.  Some parts may need to be made in advance and you may need to order special products, so it is good to be familiar with the items we choose to make.

2.       Stick to your production schedule.  If you make too many deviations from your schedule it can make you feel overwhelmed.  It is important to stick to your schedule to make sure you finish everything on time.

3.       Delegate delegate delegate.  Figure out what you can delegate to others that are available to help out.   This will help you complete multiple tasks at once and use all of your available resources.

4.       Have fun!  It was obvious that Jennifer and Melissa enjoyed interacting with the residents and chatting about baseball.  Choosing a theme that is interactive and relevant to the population can make for an enjoyable experience.

Overall, it was a really great learning experience for us.  We are looking forward to our theme meal on June 7th. 
Posted on behalf of Nikki Bolduc and Maria Winebrenner Tadic

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