Sunday, March 9, 2014

What's Cookin?

Ever wonder what kids are eating at school these days? In just one week, I learned the intricate details of how the lunch program of Montgomery County operates and serves its clientele. 

With over 200 schools in the county, the central production facility must always be one step ahead and prepared for anything. I admired the diligence and work ethic of everyone who contributed to the program; from the food prep workers all the way to those who serve the meals.

Although I was only there for one week, I was able to learn a lot and to help out in many different ways. I had a front row seat to the meal preparation process through a tour of the central production facility, allowing me to see how everything is handled and prepared. I was then able to assist on the other end of the food service spectrum, by preparing lunch at one of the county middle schools. I enjoyed working with the kitchen manager; it was obvious that she loves her job and loves the students.

One of my favorite aspects of the rotation was surveying the elementary school children during their lunch. My partner Becky and I asked the kids about their meals and what they thought of the school lunches. It was a great opportunity to get feedback and hear their suggestions about what they would like served. I was impressed that several of the children requested fruits and vegetables, such as pomegranates and eggplant.

Overall, I was encouraged to see how much time and effort goes into providing these children with a healthy lunch. 


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    1. Sorry - I continue to make typing mistakes - I didn't catch until after I posted. Many thanks to Keri for providing NFSC dietetic interns with such a great rotation!

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