Sunday, May 18, 2014

Adventures at Riderwood

The last six weeks have flown by and I have loved every minute of it! Coming into this rotation I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have learned so much about food service management, serving people, and having fun in the kitchen. I am grateful for all of the kitchen staff, supervisors, managers, and chefs, and the loving kindness they showed towards me. The work environment was welcoming and a great place to learn. I truly felt like part of the team and even like family. From helping at their African dinner to preparing for my own Cinco de Mayo theme meal with Becky, I enjoyed working with those around me. 
Interacting with the residents and getting to know many of them was heart warming. I enjoyed talking to them and hearing how much they love having the UMD Dietetic Interns come to Riderwood. Many of the residents knew who Becky and I were based on our uniforms. It was great to meet other Maryland Alumni!

There are no words that can truly express the joy and love I have for Riderwood. I am so happy I had the opportunity to come here and meet all of these wonderful people.

Becky and I wanted to share with those we worked with how much we appreciated them, so we came up with our own homemade recipe…

A Recipe for Fun


2 Bubbly Interns
1 Smiling Chef
1 Singing Chef
1 Loving Manager
10 Patient and Supportive Kitchen Staff
2 Selfless Service Managers
2 Funny Supervisors
5 Sweet Utility Workers


Combine Smiling Chef, Singing Chef, and Loving Manager in a small bowl and set aside to cool. Add a cup of Bubbly Interns and knead until fully mixed. Transfer to larger bowl and let rise for 5 minutes.

To the larger bowl add the Patient and Supportive Kitchen Staff. Proof for 5 hours. Bake in oven at 300o F for 10 minutes, check for doneness. Remove and cool on wire rack.

Once fully cooled, add icing of Selfless Service Managers and Funny Supervisors to top. Garnish with Sweet Utility Workers on the side. Serve warm.

Finished Product: 

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  1. Thank you Riderwood Dining Services which is part of Erickson for training our dietetic interns and future "foodies" to recognize "all foods can fit"