Saturday, June 14, 2014

Learning on the Farm

By: Christina Kalafsky, UMD Dietetic Intern  

During my rotation with the Wellness and Nutrition Services Division of the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) in D.C., my internship partner and I were given the opportunity to attend a farm field trip.

As part of the DC Healthy Schools Act, the Farm to School Program assists District schools in providing hands-on nutrition education experiences to their students by connecting them with community organizations and local farms. The farm field trips serve as a way to actively engage students in hands-on learning and draw a connection between plants on the farm and the food on their plates.

For our trip, we went to Common Good City Farm to observe and learn alongside 26 first graders. Located in the heart of D.C., my internship partner and I were a little confused as we walked from the metro to the address we were given. As we passed tall buildings, busy streets, and lots of concrete, we couldn’t imagine that it was possible for a farm to be nearby. But there it was, tucked away within an urban neighborhood.

During the field trip students were able to explore farm plants, investigate for bugs and pollinators, and even taste some of the fresh produce! It was so exciting to hear the kids voice how much they loved healthy foods!

The kids really enjoyed the experience and I was surprised by how much I learned as well!

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