Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Day in The Life of a UMD Dietetic Intern: Outside Rotations

UMD’s dietetic internship is filled with a variety of experiences.  Throughout the rotations, each intern is able to try out different areas of nutrition, whether it’s in a hospital, a school, the government, and the list goes on.  However, our practice goes beyond our rotations.  We are offered many outside opportunities, along with class days filled with conferences and workshops.  As with many things in life, it’s important to take as many chances that come your way.  Our director is sure to include us in many great events!  Here are some I took part in. 

Mission of Mercy Health Fair

I attended the Mission of Mercy Health fair with some of Food Supplemental Nutrition Education (FSNE)’s amazing staff!  The health fair was a free dental clinic.  I was so impressed with the procedures being completed right before my eyes.  I was introduced to a piece of equipment known as the “smoothie bike”.  We encouraged participants to pedal away to power the blender attached to the bike!  The blender was filled with a delicious cantaloupe and watermelon smoothie.  I of course, had to give this bike a shot!  I also helped hand out healthy s’mores with non-fat vanilla yogurt, graham crackers, and slices of strawberries!  People asked me nutrition related questions about healthy breakfast ideas, healthy shopping on a budget, or getting kids involved in the kitchen.  I’m so glad I was part of this amazing fair! 

Maryland Dietetics in Health Care Communities Fall Workshop

Phyllis, our director, allows the interns to actually get hands on involved in many of the conferences.  At this event I was lucky enough to introduce Pam Cureton who was speaking to us about Gluten Free Diets.  Following Pam, we learned about managing diabetes with the elderly, prebiotics and probiotics, public policy, and so much more!  Each lecture was filled with educational information.  Many of these events are great for networking with extremely established individuals in the field.  We even got to taste new gluten-free products!

Moveable Feast: Food Day

My partner and I decided to join Moveable Feast’s celebration of Food Day back in October and we are happy we did!  This was a really special event, which again provided a great place to speak with others in the field and network.  We met Registered Dietitians who worked at Moveable Feast, as well as other interns from various internship spots.  It was great to hear their experiences.  The event had incredible chefs who participated in a healthy cook-off.  They had to use cabbage, eggs, raisins, apples, sweet potatoes, and could add items ranging from garlic powder to crushed tomatoes.  I was so impressed with the dishes they created!     

Food Supplement Nutrition Education Annual State Conference
On a class day, the 10 interns met in Annapolis to participate in the fall conference for FSNE.  The day was filled with great presentations talking about how to be a better communicator and develop teamwork skills.  We did really fun icebreakers, which had us all laughing and getting comfortable with each other.  One icebreaker even landed me some new Okra seeds to plant!  Since I already had my rotation at FSNE and worked with the wonderful staff and educators, it was really nice to see them again and catch up. 

All in all, throughout my internship, I am continuously learning that each day and each event presents so many learning opportunities.  I am so excited to continue taking advantage of everything that comes our way!  

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  1. Thank you - this looks like you learned a lot and had fun!