Monday, February 2, 2015

Infographics for the Internship!

An infographic I created for the
International Food Information
Council Foundation
Dietetic interns and students are always searching for ways to make them stand out to a prospective employer or director. Step ahead of the competition by creating infographics!

Infographics in the Internship

As a dietetic intern with UMD, we are required to create one infographic to post on our e-portfolios. The infographic can be on any topic or one we originally created for a certain rotation. I have made infographics in almost every rotation so far; including clinical, IFIC, and FSNE. Infographic generators are also useful to overlay text on pictures, which I have used in rotation specific and personal blog posts.
Tips for Creating Infographics

Effective infographics keep the reader engaged and facilitate recall of information. Prevent information overload and start creating your own awesome infographics with my top 5 tips and tricks!

1) Play around with different platforms
I am partial to Pictochart, its easy to use and free! There is a Pro option for $29/month with more graphics and templates available. Other options include or Venngage
2) More pictures, less text
Use a variety of graphics and design elements to portray your point. Only use text to push your main points! If you have statistics, illustrate them with graphs and charts!

3) Tell a story
Infographics should flow from one thought to the next. Introduce the topic and gradually go into more detail towards the end.

4) Style and color matters!
Look up paint swatches and color schemes to get an idea of what colors go together. If the platform does not have the colors you want, look up the HTML color codes for more options.

5) Be creative
Infographic generators are not just for infographics! I have used Pictochart to create pictures, mini-infographics, and even the logo for my blog. Mini-infographics are great for social media posts on Instagram or Twitter. You can also create engaging handouts and PowerPoint presentations with Pictochart.  

Here are some more examples of images I created with Pictochart, hopefully they inspire you to create your own!

Why your Brain Craves Infographics

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  1. Nice information to consider in developing an infographic. great infographic for IFIC