Thursday, May 21, 2015

Getting the D.C. city working experience at IFIC!

My partner, Ashley, and I were able to travel all around D.C. during our rotation at the International Food and Information Council (IFIC). Our first day started out at the National Academy Building for a public workshop discussing obesity solutions. This was an awesome experience, as it allowed us to learn about community organizations that promoted physical activity initiatives.  

During my second day at IFIC, I was able to attend the “Communicating Science in a Networked World” conference at the National Press Club, which explained the importance of relaying science information to the general public. Ashley and I were also lucky enough to attend a lunch held by the Frozen Food Foundation, where we learned about the benefits of frozen fruits and vegetables. (We enjoyed our lunch so much we even wrote a blog about it that made it on the IFIC website)

While Ashley and I were able to attend awesome meetings, conferences and lunches around D.C, we were also able to work on our writing and blogging skills in the IFIC office. Ashley created a blog about the safety of food colorings which made it to the IFIC website on April 28th and I created a blog about women’s health through the decades which made it on the website shortly after!

Ashley's post:

My post:

Our rotation at IFIC gave us the opportunity to make connections with food companies and foundations in the D.C. area as well as all around the world! Ashley and I were also able to make a connection with a dietetic intern from the Morrison Chartwells program! Our time at IFIC allowed us to network, gain communication and blogging skills as well as meet a new friend!

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