Thursday, October 22, 2015

Maryland Dietitians in Health Care Communities (MD-DHCC): Dietetic Interns Filling Professional Roles in Fall Workshop

MD-DHCC Fall meeting attracted 175 attendees and vendors to its annual fall workshop.  Speakers included information on informatics in long term care, promoting hydration and fiber, PES statements in long term care, and many more!  NFSC dietetic interns worked with Howard University interns in a variety of roles.

Intern Professional Roles:

  • Parking lot direction
  • Greeting at the door
  • Registration
  • Introducing speakers
  • Vendor set up
  • 50/50 event
  • Door prize giveaway selection
  • Assist Concierge speaker with
    table materials distribution 

Feedback from attendees regarding intern participation was positive.  Interns reports several attendees reminded them there are jobs in long term care in Maryland and to consider that as they get ready to graduate.  The interns combined their raffle tickets as one large team and won a prize.
The interns had a great day of learning lots of new information on long term care, enjoyed great food, and had a great time!

Attendees at the MD DHCC fall workshop

Attendees at the MD DHCC fall workshop

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