Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Benefit of Tech Tools

As UMD Dietetic Interns, we have the opportunity to experience a lot of different dietetic settings, including community, foodservice, clinical, and technology. The technology rotations consist of completing blog posts, constructing infographics, or compiling and organizing data. The three programs below have been extremely helpful in developing my technology skills, and you may find them useful as well!
1] Google Drive
Google Drive allows you to easily create and store all kinds of "Google documents", including "slides" and "sheets" that mimic Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel, respectively. These features are particularly helpful when my partner and I need to share documents like nutrition education flyers or research compilations. Google drive is very user-friendly, so it’s not too difficult to learn.
2] Piktochart
So far I have been to four rotations, and three of them have had me use some kind of simple graphic design platform to create informational handouts or pages for different audiences. While words are always useful in describing or teaching community members, clinical patients, or even the general public, pictures and colorful images are undoubtedly needed. Piktochart will allow you to create aesthetically pleasing graphics without much of a headache. Plus, it’s free!

3] Weebly
Weebly is simple for everyone to use. All UMD interns are required to create and update a professional online portfolio that will encapsulate all of our experiences, work samples, resume, and certifications throughout this internship. Since it’s interface is build-as-you-go, with a little patience and practice, you can easily become a pro.
From creating amazing infographics and detailed websites to organizing and sharing your documents, developing your technological skills will prove remarkably useful as you build your brand in the professional world. Even if you aren’t an expert right now, you can become one with a little practice! Soon you’ll be teaching your coworkers tech tips to simplify their jobs -- and yours.


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