Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Farewell "Dumb Phone, I Got An iPhone

I was nervous coming into the UMD internship program,which has a technology emphasis, because I didn’t have a smart phone. My trusty red phone that looked like it survived a stampede could only call and text; it had no apps, no web browsing, no touch screen. I thought how am I going to survive this program when I can’t even send an e-mail or get directions on my phone?
Admittedly, at first I wasn’t excited to get a smart phone. I didn’t want to learn all the ins and outs of a complicated phone. Trusty red and I had a long history together and I knew how to use it well. But recently the time came for me to upgrade phones, so I finally said goodbye to my little red phone and upgraded to a shiny new iPhone.
I felt pretty clueless in the store surrounded by all the smart phone options. The clerk spoke highly of the iPhone, so I thought sure I’ll take that one! I got it home and spent the entire weekend playing with all the features and functions of the phone. It wasn’t always smooth sailing because of my smart phone learning curve. But after about a week I’m happy to report I am successfully using my iPhone for things I never knew I could!
My favorite part so far has been taking pictures and being able to e-mail them and upload to twitter or facebook right from my phone. I was amazed at how easily I was able to take a picture at a rotation and upload it to a powerpoint presentation within a few minutes. I used to not even use the camera on my old phone because it was such as hassle. I’m also really enjoying all the apps. There are some really cool nutrition related apps I never knew about, like the MyDS dietary supplement app from the Office of Dietary Supplements.
I’m still getting used to using my new smart phone but overall I’m happy I upgraded. When I had my “dumb phone” I was blissfully unaware of all I was missing by not having a smart phone. I used to think all I needed a phone for was to call and text; who needs all that other stuff? But all that other stuff is useful technology that can help me be a better dietitian. Now, if given the option to go back to the old trusty red phone, I think I’ll stick with my iPhone.

This is posted on behalf of Emily Izer, Dietetic Intern

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