Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Blog on Blogging

Over the last few months, the University of Maryland dietetic interns, including myself rotation and write a blog entry for the class BlogSpot. I have written a few, but am still perfecting my skills. Now I am in my first week of information technology rotations and my first task is to write a blog on ways to make your New Years resolutions successful.

The blogosphere is HUGE and it seems like every one and their mom (literally) has a blog that they routinely post on. Well blogging really isn’t as easy as people think. I have found that a lot of time and thought goes into writing a post. You have to think about a few things including:

  • Initially having a theme that you will be discussing in your blog. For example: nutrition, healthy tips, daily activities, etc.
  • Understand who your audience is and write to them. Make sure what you are writing is realistic and relevant.

Now you say to yourself, all right am I ready to write yet? Nope not so fast!

  • Figure out what the point is of what you're writing so you don’t go all over the place and stay on track.
  • Make sure not to make it all text, add some white space, or insert bullets. This helps made your blog post look more inviting to the reader.
  • Try to be short and sweet. Blogs are not meant to be novels. So get your point across and try not to go one forever. (The great thing about blog posts is that you can always post another if there is more information on the topic that you would like to cover.)
  • Ok now you may begin!

That wasn’t so hard right? But there are definitely a few more things that go into these little posts than you would assume at first glance. Think blogging is for you? There are many websites that you can join and create your own blog.

They are great for documenting travels around the country or world, keeping track of activities, or just daily life. And the best part is they are FREE! Enjoy and happy blogging!

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