Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fueled by technology

Three weeks ago, I began my first information technology rotation at International Food Information Council (IFIC). IFIC is dedicated to communicating science-based information on health, nutrition, and food safety to the Public. In August 2011, I learned the importance of Information Technology and social media during our orientation week. A few of the things that I learned include: creating web pages, writing tweets and blogging. My rotation at IFIC widened my scope of learning and broadened my intellectual abilities in providing nutrition information to the public. I particularly enjoyed working with different professionals of diverse backgrounds. During the learning process, I attended a webcam interview, twitter chats and also wrote a blog for the web.

During my second rotation, I worked with the FNIC SNAP- Ed connection for my information technology project. SNAP-Ed connection provides dynamic online resources that can be used by SNAP-Ed providers and other users. After glancing at the SNAP-Ed website, I realized that I do not have to be an information technology expert in order to update the web pages. Many of you may not know that Registered Dietitians are responsible for updating the SNAP-Ed connection, WIC, Team Nutrition and others web pages. While I was at FNIC, I could work from mini to major projects such as nutrition through the season’s spotlights, health observance tweets, and entering data reviews using SNAP-ED. I learned that as a future dietitian, I can make a change in how nutritional information is accessed and delivered by incorporating my experience working with these wonderful organizations.

Since information technology has played an important role in improving the efficiency and productivity in all sectors of the dietetic professions, as a future dietitian I hope to master the technology tools while working as an intern. It is obvious that information technology will indeed play a large role in future trends of nutrition information and research.

By Betanya Alemu

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