Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Family Meals -- What Does It Mean to You?

One issue identified, as being essential to promote a healthy diet, and conversely to fight obesity -- is families eating together.  This is so hard as everyone is always on the run -- as seen below.

At Baltimore's Baybrook Elementary School's after school program -- children read aloud a book entitled "Family Meals" as part of the Maryland SNAP-Ed Program.  This bilingual book (Spanish on one side and English on the other) highlights key messages and key ideas for eating with families and is fun to read. E.g. "loved and secure -- is how I feel -- each time we share -- a family meal" or "When I am at the table - I watch and listen to you.  My manners and habits are formed - by doing what you do".  Several copies of the book were used, and everyone got a chance to read a page.  Ms. Brown, our leader, also read the book a second time in Spanish with someone then reading the section in English with all children following the words and the pictures.  The activity was to make a fruit and veggie salad.  Initially when the idea of eating a salad was mentioned -- not everyone was excited, but once we all had roles in making the salad -- it became quiet and very busy.  Everyone worked hard to prepare our snack.

Once the salad was made - everyone ate it....And there were almost no leftovers.  From the book we all learned -- "New foods are a mystery, but seeing them again and again, I will touch, taste and reject some before I learn to like them".

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