Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FNCE Reflections -- Nikki Bolduc

For my second blog post, it couldn’t be more appropriate to re-cap the 2012 FNCE session “Time to Socialize: the Ins and Outs of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.”  In this session, Bonnie Taub-Dix, MA, RD, CDN and Keri Gans, MS, RD, CDN gave a comprehensive summary of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest and exemplified how each of these social media avenues can contribute to your career as a Dietitian.   

Starting with Twitter, Bonnie and Keri explained how this social media outlet is a “conversation” that cannot be ignored.   Twitter can connect people through interests, groups, and hot topics.  They recommended using TweetDeck to write your tweets, but admitted it is not recommended for use on your iPad or iPhone.  In which case, they recommend using HootSuite or Echofon. 

Facebook can be a great tool for communicating your business vision by posting articles, events, and professional accomplishments.  However, Bonnie and Keri cautioned us that it may be appropriate to have a personal page and a business page in order to market your professional brand more accurately.

LinkedIn is a business tool that is similar to Facebook, but with more opportunities to market yourself as a professional.  Your LinkedIn profile is much like a resume.  Bonnie and Keri also explained that you can become part of a group to ask questions and start a dialogue. 

Last but not least, Pinterest is recent phenomenon that is based on visuals.  Pinterest is a great way to draw traffic to your blog or website.  You can post pictures, create contests, sell products, and generate revenue while creating a brand.  “Boards” allow you to gather a number of related pictures to showcase your talents and/or interests for others to see and be inspired by.    

I hope I have inspired you to get involved with one or more of these social media tools like Bonnie and Keri have inspired me.  With the way social media is exploding, Bonnie and Keri say, “you can’t afford not to be involved.”                                                                                                                                          

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