Sunday, October 28, 2012

The D.C. Experience: Food Truck Fridays

by: Melissa Grindle

One of the curses and blessings of this internship is the travel.  I've chosen to embrace it rather than fight it, and as a result my partner Wendy and I have been able to experience and enjoy each setting we have rotated through.

This past week, we wrapped up a rotation in D.C. at the International Food and Information Council.  The commute what a bit of a bear, but I’ll speak on Wendy’s behalf and say we really enjoyed the experience and the environment offered at IFIC.  Plus, right around the corner from the office were food trucks!
We had our first food truck experience when we attended the Funky Fresh Foodie Fest in August, honestly, we haven’t looked back. 

Quickly, we instituted Friday as “Food Truck Friday”, and sometimes we enjoyed a “Food Truck Thursday” just to switch it up a bit.  I believe Wendy and I are proof that Phyllis (our director) has a knack for pairing up interns because our personalities mesh so well, and we both have a love for gyros. 
Our food truck Fridays were a treat at the end of the week and were a great way to get some fresh air during our lunch break.  We also aren’t city people, so exploring DC for a bit was welcomed.  
The amount of food you can get at a food truck is unbelievable for the price.  Unfortunately it comes with the inevitable droopy eyes after lunch.  Well worth it in my book though!  We tried everything from gyros, to tacos, and even cupcakes.  We may or may not have indulged in a little frozen yogurt on a warm fall day.
Insert jokes about getting a variety of colors in your diet…

As dietetic interns, we enjoy food and enjoy exploring new places to eat.  This rotation offered us great experiences both in and out of the office!

Till the next Food Truck Friday…

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