Monday, October 29, 2012

"I Will Never NOT Ever Eat a Tomato" -- How Picky Eaters Can

Getting kids to eat NEW fruits & veggies can be a challenge, but engaging these same children in food  prep can enhance their chances of tasting a fruit or veggie for the first time, or maybe the second or third time.  Often it takes many "tastes" of a "new" food until we like the flavor.

UMCP Dietetic Internship participates in a Maryland-based SNAP-Ed program, and utilizes "Read for Health" curriculum with food prep at Baltimore City's Baybrook Middle School at an After School Program for elementary and middle school students sponsored by Child First Authority.

This past week - we read a book entitled - "I Will Never NOT Ever Eat a Tomato" and discussed how big brother Charlie helped little sister Lola learn to eat new foods.  We shared how we helped our younger brothers and sisters to eat new foods.  During the book we tried to guess what mystery fruits were in brown bags by putting our hand in and giving each fruit a "good squeeze".  We had the most trouble guessing the fruits - Pomegranate and Avocado.  Many of us had never tried these fruits before.  We were hesitant with the idea about tasting these new fruits.

But once we started with out food prep - we were so focused and excited.  We wanted to try everything we made.  Our younger children pulled grapes and cut up bananas, while our older children cut avocado, mango, and pineapple into smaller pieces.  Our leader then added pomegranate seeds to the bowl and it was time to eat.  Our fruit salad included pomegranate seeds, banana, red grapes, mango, pineapple and avocado.  We all tried at least a little bit of everything and several of us really liked the new fruits with others being neutral.  If you get a chance -- listen to the YouTube version of this great book, so you too can learn all about eating new fruits.  Eating new foods can be fun!

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