Monday, January 28, 2013

Gearing Up for Clinical

Dear Future Intern Class,

Now that I have finished food service, information technology, and am wrapping up community, it’s almost time for the “nerve-wrecking” and “intimidating” clinical rotation.  Honestly, I thought I would be more anxious, but I’m actually excited to finally gain experience and work directly with patients.  

Currently more than half of the Maryland interns have experienced life as a hospital dietitian.  Therefore as my clinical date approaches I have been constantly asking them how to prepare for my last big rotation.  For future interns, I have compiled a list of helpful ways to prepare your clinical rotation. 

          - Review all major disease states, conditions, and common medications

-             - Carry a clip-board to hold your notes and cheat-sheets 

-             -  Go through each body system, (reviewing function and importance

-             -   Familiarize yourself with common lab tests and what is being measured 

-             - Take a minute and BREATH

Harbor Hospital
Obviously you can only be so prepared and will learn a lot on the job, but thanks to my fellow interns I am no longer scared for my first day of clinical.  If anything, I am looking forward to becoming more confident in myself as a dietetic professional and perhaps even gaining a little clinical judgment.  My first day at Harbor Hospital in Baltimore is February 26th and it can not come any faster.  


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