Thursday, January 17, 2013

UMD Interns Host a Class Day: Nutrition, Communication, and Information Management

It’s January and for many seniors majoring in dietetics it’s a very scary time. In a couple months the competitive match for a dietetic internship will take place. It is hard to believe it has almost been a year since the 2012-2013-intern class was sending in our applications to the University of Maryland Dietetic Internship.

This past Monday, the University of Maryland hosted a joint class day at the Natural Agricultural Library for all the dietetic internships in the area, sharing a taste of our technology emphasis with our nutrition community.

A few of the cutting edge presentations at the class day included: Communication in the Digital Age; Telehealth and Weight Management in the 21st Century; Text4Baby; Text2BHealthy; Self Promotion and Marketing: using blogs and social media to find career opportunities; and Nutrition Education: Adult Learning and Behavior Change.

The class day had me engaged and on the edge of my seat all day!

Some of the key technology messages covered included:

  • ·      The evolution of technology provides new opportunities for the way society functions and we all have a responsibility to help foster understanding and growth within those opportunities so as a society  we can prosper without leaving some behind
  • ·      Social Media Changes the way problems are solved and opens up an opportunity for more people to have a voice and get involved
  • ·      As technology grows so do chances for dietitians and other health care professionals to reach more people in more places to provide them with individualized health care.
  • ·      Taking advantage of technology tools can provide new cost effective platforms to spread nutrition information

Overall, the day consisted of presentations, networking, great food, and even a QR code scavenger hunt! There is a lot to look forward for the next class of University of Maryland Dietetic Interns so hold on during this tough application process! 


  1. I hope you included the value of public speaking. Without this, it is not truly a communication presentation. People can be so wow'd by the technology they forget that it is listening and speaking with confidence that actual clients value most.

    1. Actually the last speaker talked about adult education and addressed this issue - "Adult Education and Behavior Change". The URL to look at both the agenda and the speaker PPT will be on Internet for a few months at thank you for your interest in our program.