Thursday, October 2, 2014

Flavors Of Morocco: Beginning, Middle and End!

Ashley and I began at Riderwood for our first rotation site. Initially we were a bit nervous, knowing we had a “theme meal” to create, which had been talked about in great detail through orientation and conversations with past interns. Walking into Chef Victor’s office on the first day was a bit nerve-racking, not only were we starting our first day of our dietetic internship, but it was also the first day of our rotation. After talking with Chef Victor, we gained great insight about creating, preparing and executing our theme meal. Our first step was to brainstorm an idea for our meal. We looked through previous themes and decided that an ethnic theme was the most popular. We also decided not to reuse ideas from the past.  After many days of brainstorming we finally landed on Morocco, leaving us with our final idea, Flavors of Morocco! Following the creation of our theme, we quickly got to work researching recipes native to Morocco and learning about traditional foods and traditions. 

After finalizing our menu, Ashley and I began working in with the wonderful and friendly kitchen staff to practice using kitchen equipment and also learning new cooking techniques. After a bit of trial and error, Ashley and I made adjustments to our recipes and felt comfortable working with the kitchen appliances needed for our theme meal.

Time flies when you’re having fun; it was already time to promote our theme meal. Ashley and I began creating posters, flyers and handouts to encourage residents to attend our theme meal. We were able to promote the lunch by hanging posters all around the facility, crafting table tents at each dining hall and speaking with residents at dinner. 

Next, it was time to begin prep work for our theme meal! Ashley and I created a preparation schedule, which included times to cut and cook food items and decorate the dining hall. Our theme meal was scheduled on Friday, therefore we spent Tuesday through Friday morning preparing! With the help of the Chefs and cooking staff we were able to finish everything on schedule!

Friday morning flew by and it was time to plate our food for the buffet and greet guests! Sure enough residents were in line, ready to enter and Ashley and I were so excited to see such a great turn out! Throughout the meal we received great feedback and through talking with the residents we could tell the meal was a success! The clock hit 1:30pm and the meal had come to an end. Ashley and I could not have been more thrilled with the turn out of the meal and the amount of support we gathered from the cooking staff and residents!

Thank you to the wonderful cooking staff that helped us create this delicious meal and who gave us support throughout the entire process!

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