Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Working with Weebly: Making a Website Your Own

      Growing up in a world surrounded by technology, the idea of creating my own website and understanding HTML coding never crossed my mind. I simply thought Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were as close as I would come to having any sort of website attributed to my name. Throughout this internship, we (the interns) have the ability to be guided through creating a website based on our own professional experiences with multiple technology tools and techniques. We have been shown multiple tools to add creativity and organization to our website, which will be a great representation of all our hard work throughout the next 10.5 months. 

We began learning more about website creation by using HTML coding and designed a test webpage to see how different codes affect the webpage through font and paragraph structure. Then, we were shown a website creator called Weebly, and this is where the fun began. We had the opportunity to explore the website and check out all of the different features it has to offer. In order to have the most informative professional website there are some essential components to keep in mind.

  • Welcome page
  • Biography page
  • Resume page
  • Work Samples page
  • Pages for all experiences within each rotation
  • Conferences and Events attended page
  • Certificates page
  • Contact page
      More sections and subsections can be added, but there has to be one place to start! Weebly has a ton of great tools to customize your site including many themes, option to add pictures, change fonts, add videos, put in your twitter feed, add links to other sites from the original page, and so much more! With multiple options to customize, not one intern has the same website as another.

The finished product will be a representation of all of the rotations summarized, presentations given, certificates acquired, projects completed, and the overall experiences gained throughout the entire internship. The website is a great way to keep track of all of my skills obtained while being a dietetic intern. I can't wait to see the finished product of my website after I graduate! I will definitely continue to update my website after I get my first job and gain more skills and experience.
Visit my, or any of the intern's, websites for updates on our progress throughout the internship!


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