Thursday, October 16, 2014

Laughter is Key: My Internship Experience Thus Far

                  It’s hard to believe, but this internship program has officially hit the two month mark. Time is flying by and sometimes I feel like I live in a whirlwind. If you aren’t one of my fellow interns (and especially if you are a Dietetics major interested in the program) let me give you a quick run-down on what life is like as a UMD College Park Dietetic Intern.    

                   The 10 and a half month program allows each intern to experience 14 different rotations revolved around clinical, community, food service, and technology--which is a unique rotation to our program. Rotations vary in length of time.  Interns work full time in these rotations 4 days a week and 1 day a week we meet for class. Class days are what I like to call miscellaneous days; they can consist of many different experiences including but not limited to: technology training, clinical lectures, general lectures, conference meetings, group days with other internship students, and professional speaker presentations. Class days are also a day when we all get to be together as a group, catch up on each other’s rotation experiences, learn, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company. Additionally, we are required to complete several projects and homework assignments during each rotation. So it’s a lot—hence my use of the word whirlwind.

                  Whirlwind could be interpreted negatively so let me clarify: I wouldn’t change a single experience that I have had since I started this program. If you want variety, a director who is there for you every step of the way, a program that challenges you and builds character, an opportunity to make hundreds of new connections, and a unique internship emphasis--this program is for you. A quote that I love by American Author Ken Kesey, “You can’t really be strong until you see a funny side to things” has really resonated with me over the years and especially during this internship. Stress, chaos, and hardship are inevitable (in this internship and in life) but if you can smile, laugh, and find humor throughout your day, you will be strong enough to handle anything that comes your way. Live, laugh, love! And don’t stress too much about that Biochemistry test ok? You’ll make it through!!

Here are pictures of some of my experiences so far!! 

My internship partner Chandler and I at a seminar hosted by the National Coalition for Food & Agricultural Research(C-Far) 
Seminar Speaker Sonny Ramaswamy, PhD and Director of the National C-Far

Promoting Healthy Corners, a program aimed at reducing food deserts in Washington DC
Helping RDs and aspiring RDs register at the MD-DHCC conference

Sorry for the bad posture Mom! It was really early and I feel like I can partially blame the wall here!


  1. Love hearing all about your internship and seeing the pictures. I am thrilled you are having this opportunity and I am proud of you! Love you!

  2. Thank you Aunt Theresa!! I love you too!

  3. Great blog! I am looking for many more great blogs as this year progresses